Sandbanks Development 

Cine Italia Design Ltd was approached to give a newer, more individual look to a new development on the Sandbanks Estate. 

We were given the architects drawings and asked to re-design the spatial and interior design of each flat including the roof top gardens. 

Each area was accompanied with technical drawings and moodboards.  The show flat was accompanied with a CGI presentation.

We were very aware of the acoustic implication of living in a flat, especially with neighbours above, below and either side of your living space, therefore the design paid special attention to the attenuation of materials through absorption co-efficiency of all the materials applied in this project.  

We adopted an acoustic dry wall system  and applied to the walls and ceiling and then applied to these surfaces a sound absorption barrier and then covered all the wall and ceilings in stretched fabric.

To the flooring we applied a neoprene based mdf flooring and wherever carpets were applied, again acoustic underlay.

All of the windows were triple glazed.

This not only provided a superb acoustic system to the flats but a large increase in thermal insualtion and because all the ceiling and walling materials were FR treated the fire rating was excellent.

At Cine Italia Design Ltd we not only look to supply our clients with state of the art materials and products to produce a quality life style second to none, but we are very conscientious of the environmental consequences of our design and therefore are continually looking for and sourcing new concepts and materials that can offer a better, cleaner and more efficient energy saving options.

We worked closely with our client to provide all these design features with a luxurious, chic finish.

Our design not only enhanced the finished project, but secured quick sales within the alloacted budget.  We like to view this project as a "win win" scenario.