High End Retail Outlet 

High End Retail Showroom displaying a fully automated State of the Art Cinema "Pod System".  A self contained unit within a Retail setup, comprising of two sides made up with studio glass walling (deep cavity partitioned triple glazed sealed units). 

This cinema required to be visible virtually all of the time, apart from demos, where fully automated curtains cloased the windows down and provided a more intimate sensation with all your walls enclosed, not only this but for acoustic benefits reducing reflection allowing the cinema to be darkened and allow the sound system to be balanced for a quality demo sound system. 

Cine Italia Design Ltd has teamed up with a renowned London fabric designer to produce a range of fabrics for the cinema world.  Both acoustically and visually this fabric range works beautifully to provide a stunning wall effect.  It has been designed in six colourways and is a fine mixture of Silk / Voile and fine Metal thread to create a fabric that creates a 3D effect when applied to the walls.

The seats are supplied from Cine Italia Seating "Lusso" range and demoed in burnt bronze velvet.  This range gives a relaxed luxurious feel to the room and really contributes to the chic designer feel of a cinema designed and executed by Cine Italia Design Ltd. 

The AV system was in house supplied and Cine Italia Design Ltd worked closely with the team to ensure the cinemas potential was maximised including the design of the phased lighting and automation. 

One point to note, Cine Italia Design Ltd designed the speaker poles from perspex on which the speakers were attached to.  To conceal cables etc, an inner core was drilled out to allow the free flow of cables brought in from the suspended ceiling.

Fortunately the screen wall backed onto a store room, so we were able to double this up as our comms area so the front wall speakers and amps were built through into this area allowing us to retain the front walls equipmentbehind the stretched face. 

This unique acoustic "Pod" from Cine Italia Design Ltd can be installed into any showroom with the minimum amount of fuss and disruption during install as it is constructed in our factory, completely fitted out including the AV system, dismantled and re-assembled exactly into any given area perfectly with fantastic, high quality results.