Art Deco Cinema 

Designed in the true essence of the Art Deco movement, characterising rich colours, bold geometric shapes and lavish ornamentation. 

This cinema has embraced the "Deco Movement" using Gold and Silver but extensively to enhance the mouldings and add an extra degree of glomour and luxury to this private London Cinema. 

Every detail of every item has been meticulously designed to co-ordinate to the Deco style, using Ancient Egyptian motifs of Palms and Fans and the design also being influenced by the geometric lines of the Mesoamerica, a styling that is very evidential throughout this cinema. 

The Audio System was concealed behind Silk stretched walling and the Screen was framed by a complete wall of carved, gilded framing which matched the large picture frame in the main entrance.  The doors were faced in low relief Egyptian Palms which were carried onto the actual Palm Wall Lights (Reeded columns with palmed up lighters). 

The main feature to the ceiling is a light trough recessed ceiling of faux fabric stretched and silver leafed, which was then patined to soften the silver.  This process was applied to all the metal surfaces to create a "Luster" and reduce the reflective surface normally produced from the Gold and Silver leaf. 

The chairs and carpet were both designed and produced in Milan, Italy. 

The ceiling light is an Lalique glass design from 1935 and the carpet was a design influenced from Grand Rex Movie Palace in Paris circa 1932.

As can be seen, attention to detail with period design accuracy have made this project into a truly unique cinema. 

At Cine Italia Design Ltd, we were able to blend the Art Deco seamlessly with today's State of the Art Audio Visual equipment, so as not to distract from the essence of this contemporary Art Deco experience.